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Selection Process

Vaccination Day!

Few days after the Sembah Kenal and Award Ceremony, we were informed to be vaccinated before the Freshman Induction Programme. At first, we were told to get the vaccinations at the local vaccination centres. -  Syasya Athirah binti Baharulnizam, SCRBAF 2021 Recipient

Sembah Kenal and Award Ceremony

Few days after the FIB, we received a text message from Miss Susie informing that five of us; me, Hanan, Alya, Richmon and Raziq, made the cut to become potential MinDef Scholars. - Syasya Athirah binti Baharulnizam, SCRBAF 2021 Recipient

FIB - Final Interview Board

Our final interview fell on a Wednesday and was venued at the Officer's Mess at Bolkiah Garrison. As all the previous affairs we have had with MinDef, the interview was precisely scheduled to the minutes. - Dk Fathiyah Amanina @Dk Hanan Syafiqah binti Pg Roslan, SCRBAF 2021 Recipient

Oral Test and Interview

After almost a week into Ramadhan, all of us were called to do both the oral test and interview.  Both the oral test and interview were meant to be done within a span of two days, however there were some minor changes with the schedule causing it to be stretched out throughout the week, for some of us at least. - Abdurraziq bin Abdul Aziz, SCRBAF 2021 Recipient

Military Training Attempt and Manifesting Leadership Skills

The Individual Fitness Assessment (IFA) as well as Military Swimming Test (MST) were conducted in the first week of the selection process. We arrived at the Mini Stadium, Bolkiah Garrison very early with our sports attire when the skies were still dark - Richmon Lee Edward, SCRBAF 2021 Recipient

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