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🌟SPECIAL🌟Week 8 : Being a Couch Potato?

Week 8 has ended and I am so disappointed that we are not going to have our closing ceremony until we break the COVID-19 chain. We have put in tremendous effort throughout the induction programme. From working out before sunrise to testing our resilience during Outward Bound Brunei Darussalam (OBBD), I felt that it was a let-down that we are unable to display to the board of members our experience and who we really are during our adventure.

However, I am super excited to fly to Dublin, Ireland! I have heard amazing comments about the city from different people that had been there throughout the induction programme which made me eager to explore the whole of Ireland. I have even watched YouTube videos on essential Irish travel guide and looked into others perspective of the country. I have packed those vegetarian instant noodles, turmeric powder, lots of packet spices and more raw ingredients to bring there. It's a shame that I still cannot cook though...

Luckily for me, I have watched my father cook delectable food such as turmeric chicken mixed with Chili Boh with potatoes for the past few weeks so that I have an idea on which ingredients pair up well together.

Apart from that, it was really difficult to fit in all of the food items together with my personal belongings into one luggage because my e-Ticket stated that I could only bring one piece baggage. My mom was so stressed about it up to the point both of us gave up finding for space opportunities in the luggage and we had to put the food into a separate box. After all, it is my first year flying and I still think it is worth paying for the extra baggage. Also, I mostly have been contacting with my close friends these days, telling them what I came across as a freshman and they were quite intrigued by my story. My group of friends will be going to the UK to further their studies and I hope that I can visit them some day until the pandemic situation out there eases.

richmon week8 001.JPG

I thought this week was quite dull and I had mixed feelings about leaving Brunei because I know for sure that I will miss my family especially my parents. I have been laying on my bed, taking huge naps, watched a bunch of YouTube videos and I was only active during Workout of The Day. Nevertheless, I tried to keep myself productive by following my father to the Gadong fish market and exchanged currency to Euros for when I arrive in Ireland. But of course, I will have to change my way of life in a totally different country. Ms Susie mentioned the dos and don'ts when I am there. Obviously, I have to live independently but what is more significant is that I have to be vigilant of my surroundings to protect my image and nation.

I have nothing much to say about this week but the one most valuable lesson that I have learnt is to be very appreciative of everything and remember where I started to become the person to this very day.


Richmon Lee Edward
SCRBAF 2021 Recipient

Arranged and Formatted by:

Aiman Abdullah Tee