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Can I choose my university and field of study?

Yes. However, they will be subject to approval.

Can I pursue a Master's or a Double Major?

Yes, but it will be subject to approval.

Is it possible to change my major halfway through my studies?

It will be subject to approval.

How long is the bond?

Two years for every year of study, i.e. 8 years of work for 4 years of study.

What are the allowances? 

The allowances provided are

i.     Living Allowance (monthly)
ii.    Supplement Allowance (monthly)
iii.   Travelling Allowance (monthly)
iv.   Book Allowance (annually)
v.    Clothing Allowance (annually)
vi.   Educational/Equipment Allowance (annually)
vii.  Thesis/Dissertation/Project (annually)
viii. Settling Allowance for New Student (one-off)
ix.   Spectacles/Contact Lens Allowance (one-off)
x.    Academic Trip/Visitation (one-off)

What is an induction programme?

An induction programme is a series of activities put together by the Scholarship Unit to mould a scholar to be the best they can be.

What do scholars do during attachment?

Activities included during the attachment are leadership abd teamwork building courses,  an introduction to military life course, independence development activities and etc. Basically, the attachment includes activities that will help you cope with life overseas.

How long do attachments last?

Usually, attachments last around 3 months. However, it depends on the programme itself.

Is there a guaranteed job upon graduation?

Yes, the Ministry will immediately attach you to a directorate that is related to your field of study. You will be given an opportunity to undergo attachment in the chosen directorate before you even graduate.

Can we go back home during the induction program?
Yes, but only during the weekends.

How often can we return to Brunei?

We are allowed to return once a year. 

Can we do an internship during the summer?

Yes, you are encouraged to do an internship but it is subject to approval.

Will we undergo development program when we return to Brunei and for how long?
Yes, all scholars are required to undergo development program, ranging from 2, 4 or 6 weeks programme.

When do I have to report to Scholarship Section Office when I return to Brunei?
Scholars are required to report immediately no later than three days after they arrive in Brunei.